Here you’ll find a list of our available equipment.
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  • REM Grain Vac

    Quiet, fast, and easy to use.

    • Gentle seed handling, maintains seed integrity, and minimizes seed damage
    • Move up to 6,000 bu/hr during full bin load-out
    • Great for clean-up and full bin situations
    • Versatile and portable
    • Minimum 130 HP required

  • Riteway F3-52ft Plex Roller

    Convenient narrow transport.

    • Great for many applications like pulse crops or hay land
    • Increases germination—every seed has contact with soil, 4 HP per foot
    • Smooth fields for straight outting
    • Reduces bumping and rattling on all other equipment travelling through your field

  • Schulte XH-1500 Mower

    Tough and dependable.

    • Great for mowing crop residue, pastures, weeds, or roadsides
    • Ultra narrow transport width for added safety
    • Designed to work in the toughest terrain
    • Minimum 75 HP required.

  • Renegade Post Pounder

    Fencing made easier.

    • Telescopic hitch, mast, and four-way tilt
    • No tractor needed
    • Self-contained with a 13 HP Honda motor
    • For building new fences or making repairs
    • Easy operation with levelling indicators

  • Cargo Trailer 16ft

    Moving or need temporary, mobile storage?

    • Various sizes of cargo trailers available
    • Ramp or barn door options
    • Lockable doors
    • Weather proof
    • Secure and safe
    • SUV towable sizes available

  • Gooseneck Trailer

    Great for general farm, hotshot, or long haul trucking.

    • Gooseneck trailers allow for a smooth, easy pull
    • Trailer sizes start at 20’ and capacity is available up to 20,000 lbs
    • Comes with beaver tail and ramps

  • 26ft Wishek Disk

    The heaviest disc on the market!

    • 13 HP per foot of disc required
    • Most effective way to break up land or improve drainage.

  • 14 Wheel V Rake

    Reinforced frame for extra durability.

    • Zinc plated raking wheel. High speed operation. All finger wheels are independent and spring loaded to adapt to the contours of the fields.
    • 40 tines per raking wheel. Tine diameter 7mm.

  • 12ft Dump Trailer

    Need to haul dirt, snow or debris?

    • The two-way tailgate features a rear double door and spreader gate, allowing for fast, controlled unloading
    • Sizes start at 10′
    • Heavy duty tie down rings

  • Rite Way F3 - 52 Ft

    3 plex Land Roller

    • Designed to shape to your field, the Land Roller prepares your land for optimum performance
    • Roller drums are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it

  • Rite Way Heavy Harrow 68 FT

    Model HH8268

    • Hyd Tine Angle Adjustment
    • 5 Bar / 18 inch row spacing
    • Auto Fold w/ hyd pivot system
    • Handles conventional tilling, minimum-till and zero-till operations
    • Spreads and breaks up trash and residue, rakes and levels the ground
    • Eliminate sprayer tracks that cause plugging and help ready the land for the seeder

  • 14ft Bergen Stock trailer

    14ft Bergen Stock Trailer

  • 14ft Wishek Disc

    14ft Wishek Disc

  • 24ft Diamond C Flat Deck, Beaver Tail and Ramps

    24ft Diamond C Flat Deck, Beaver Tail and Ramps

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